Since 1946

Enabling our customers to build the machines of tomorrow

Blackwood Engineering is a global supplier of quality engineered castings and counterweights, manufactured in China and India. From our UK and mainland Europe locations we offer customers first-class logistics services and engineering support.

Products we offer


We deliver a diverse range of counterweights suitable for heavy machinery across multiple industries.

Engineered Castings

We produce precision machined steel and iron castings  to fit a wide range of heavy machinery.

The Blackwood Way

ENGINEERED CASTINGS & COUNTERWEIGHTS wherever you are in the world

The Blackwood Way is what sets us apart as a supplier.

The Blackwood Way is all about providing quality castings and counterweights to our customers worldwide.

Our Services

PROVIDING CUSTOMERS A fully managed service

We are a strategic partner for our customers offering a wide range of value adding services alongside delivering quality engineered castings & counterweights

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