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The Blackwood Way

The Blackwood Way is all about providing quality castings and engineered products to our customers worldwide. The Blackwood Way is what defines us and what sets us apart from our competitors.

Low-cost Manufacturing

We work alongside partner foundries to pick the most capable and cost -effective manufacturer for your project.

Engineering Project Management

Our experienced project engineers assist every step of the way from sampling through to delivery.

Logistics and Distribution

We can offer a flexible approach and provide logistical and supply chain solutions to suit your business model.

Customised Finishing

Our in-house facilities allow customised paint or surface finishes to exactly your specification.

Inventory Control

We can provide you complete peace of mind and manage your inventory in one of our storage and warehouse facilities.

Quality Assurance

We have achieved ISO9001:2015 for the supply of cast products in the grey state or painted as required by the customer.

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