Blackwood Engineering: Engineered Castings to your exact specification

The team at Blackwood Engineering works closely with customers to develop a range of engineered castings suitable for machinery in a variety of materials. We ship the castings globally from our sites in the UK, Europe (Dilsen), or direct from the foundry.

We manufacture the following types of engineered castings:

Requirements for each Engineered Casting:

Sourcing the best solution for your casting from our overseas partner foundries.

Customised finishing exactly to you specification and colours.

Flexible supply chain services to suit your business requirements. Delivery times and quantities are built to your schedule. Castings can be shipped globally to ensure all your sites have the products they need.

Quality checks throughout the whole process to ensure you organisation standards are met.

Blackwood Engineering continues to provide quality engineered castings to our customers on a J-I-T basis. We provide castings for various machines which will be made to your exact specification. If you would like to speak to our team about your requirements, fill in the form below.


Discover how Blackwood Engineering could help your organisation with any counterweight requirements you have.

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