Blackwood Engineering takes strides towards environmental sustainability


In an era where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly imperative. Blackwood Engineering has embarked on a transformative journey towards greater environmental friendliness. Recognising the importance of sustainability in today’s world, Blackwood Engineering has implemented a series of innovative measures to minimise its environmental footprint and contribute to a greener future.

Electric Fleet

At Blackwood Engineering we have upgraded some of our fleet and bought new electric machines. This will cut our carbon footprint significantly. Eventually all machines at Blackwood Engineering will be electric. This will make a massive environmental impact.

Solar Panels

One of the primary steps taken by Blackwood Engineering is the adoption of renewable energy sources to power its operations. We have invested significantly in solar solutions, harnessing the power of nature to fuel our facilities. This shift not only reduces our carbon emissions but also sets an example for others in the engineering sector. We currently have solar panels in Aberbeeg and Dilsen. At Dilsen we have recently installed a 280Kw solar panel system which is now fully operational. This will make our Dilsen site 50% self-sufficient.

Heat Recovery Units

At our Blaina site we have installed heat recovery units in our four paint booths which will save us an estimated 1000kg of Co2 per year. We have plans to install heat recovery units in our paint booths at both our Aberbeeg and Dilsen sites in the near future.


By integrating green practices into our operations, Blackwood Engineering is not only mitigating its environmental impact but also setting a positive example for the engineering industry. Blackwood Engineering continues to evolve on its sustainability journey.


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