Blackwood Engineering’s Dilsen-Stokkem site expansion

Recent developments have sparked a new chapter in Blackwood’s history as the Dilsen site has expanded.

Rapid Development:

Blackwood Engineering’s strategic location, with easy access to major transportation routes, has made it easier for iron counterweights and casting to be delivered around Europe. With the new expansion, the Dilsen site has increased capacity for more counterweights and castings for our customers worldwide.

Utilising the Dilsen-Stokkem site for shipping offers a significant advantage due to its seamless integration with various transportation networks. This enables companies to utilise a blend of road, rail, and waterway transport options, strategically designing logistics routes to reduce environmental impact and enhance cost-effectiveness. By embracing diverse transportation modes, businesses can mitigate risks related to disruptions and fluctuations in fuel prices, guaranteeing dependable and environmentally sustainable shipping operations.


The Dilsen-Stokkem site at Blackwood Engineering for shipping counterweights and castings offers a great opportunity for companies that are aiming to improve efficiency, sustainability, and competitiveness in their supply chain operations. Businesses can take advantage of the location and transport networks. Companies can streamline the shipping processes, diminish environmental impact, and explore new avenues for growth and innovation. If you want to know


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