What makes Blackwood the ideal choice for counterweights and castings


Blackwood is an industry leading provider of cast counterweights. Our team of engineers work closely with you to deliver precision engineered counterweights for construction equipment, access equipment, forklifts, heavy trucks and other industrial applications. 

We work closely with your engineering and technical teams to turn concepts into reality. Our specialist team facilitates the production of parts in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colours.

What Blackwood can offer for your counterweights

The counterweights are produced in a range of processes to suit the design.

Our quality control for tolerance and dimensional accuracy.

Sourcing from approved foundries to meet your requirements and specifications.

We offer gloss painting in a full range of colours and finishing options.

Whatever your design, it will be finished to your specific criteria.

A fully managed supply chain service to meet your needs.

We deliver counterweights around the world, ready to be fitted to your machines.


Blackwood produces a wide range of engineered castings using materials including ductile iron and steel. We provide castings that are machined to your specifications.

We manage the whole project for you, from the initial design concept and drawings through to delivery of the final product to meet your production requirements.

Our team assists you in many aspects of the process, such as cost reduction, product design, packaging and logistics.

What casting does Blackwood Engineering offer?

  • Ductile Iron
  • Steel
  • Grey Iron
  • Austempered Ductile Iron
  • Aluminium

What Blackwood can offer for your castings

We source the best materials, utilising our network of partner foundries.

Customised finishing to your exact requirements and specifications.

We offer flexible supply chain services to suit your requirements.

Quality checks to ensure your standards are met.


Discover how Blackwood Engineering could help your organisation with any counterweight requirements you have.

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