Case Study: 1.7T Excavator Counterweight

Blackwood dual-sourced iron counterweights for a global construction machinery brands latest machine build


A global machinery brand picked Blackwood as their counterweight supplier for their latest excavator machine build.

Working alongside the industry leading heavy machinery supplier Blackwood provided a 1.7T Grey Iron Counterweight specifically for a medium sized excavator.

The counterweight was dual sourced utilising partner foundries in the Far East and finished to the customers specification. 

how we delivered for this project

Dual Sourcing Using Partner Foundries

The counterweights were produced at sites in both India and China to meet the customers sourcing requirements. Specialist foundries were picked based on the grey iron counterweights specification.

Complex Design Engineering

The counterweight itself required detailed machining on the rear of the weight to ensure it was a seamless fit onto the excavator allowing tight production timings were met.

Gloss Finishing

The customer required the product was finished using gloss paint in both Yellow and Black ready to fit straight onto their machinery.

Custom Stillages

Our team produced bespoke stillages to ensure safe delivery of the iron counterweights to our UK site.

Managed Logistics

The 1.7T counterweight was shipped from sites in India and China. From arriving at local ports to delivery to the customer the SCM team fully managed the delivery of this product in line with the customers requirements.

Fully Managed Inventory

Blackwood works closely with the customer and monitors their machine build schedule. The counterweights are stored at our UK site and distributed to the customer on a JIT basis to meet their requirements.

1.7T Iron Counterweight - Left
Iron Counterweight Rear
1.7T Iron Counterweight - Left

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