Case Study: 0.7T Motor Grader Counterweight

Blackwood worked alongside a North American brand to deliver a counterweight for agricultural machinery


Blackwood continues to diversify its offering working alongside agricultural partners to deliver high-quality complex counterweights for agricultural machinery.

We worked alongside a prominent North American brand to deliver a 0.7T Grey Iron Counterweight to be used on a motor grader.

Grader Counterweight - Main

how we delivered for this project

Far East Partner Foundries

The customer utilised one of our partner foundries in the Far East to produce the Grey Iron counterweight. This was fully managed by the Blackwood team on the ground.

Customised Finishing

Gloss Finishing was required for this product alongside strict testing due to the nature of its use. The product was finished to the customers required finish and quality specification.

Bespoke Packaging

To ensure safe movement of the counterweights and reduce costs on shipping and delivery bespoke packaging was produced for these counterweights.

Road, Sea and Air Delivery

Shipped from the Far East the counterweights were delivered to sites across Europe via road while other stock was delivered direct to North America via air. Blackwood managed the transport logistics for the customers and tailored it to their specific requirements.

Inventory Management

Blackwood mitigated the risk by storing stock at our sites to deliver to the customer on a JIT basis ensuring machine build schedules continue smoothly.

Grader Counterweight - Front
Grader Counterweight - Right

Are you an agricultural machinery supplier looking for counterweight sourcing?

We work alongside several agricultural machinery suppliers providing a range of value adding services including sourcing, product engineering, customised finishing, quality assurance and SCM services.

To find out more about what Blackwood offers and how we can help with your organisations counterweight requirements complete the contact form below.

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