Dilsen Site Undergoes Significant Investment

Our European site in Dilsen has gone from strength to strength in and has become a key facility for our EU based customers. 

There has been significant investment and development in the Dilsen site, its processes, facilities and personnel as part of an ongoing CAPEX programme to ensure we can continue to produce precision engineered castings and counterweights for our customers machine builds.

The investment in the sites development is evident with an increase in output which can be seen in the site statistics below:

Site development

In 2021 the Dilsen site CAPEX project came to fruition with facilities development in a number of areas to develop the site, increase storage and capabilities to meet our customers growing needs. Below is an overview of some of the sites developments:

Link Building

The Link project due has been the main CAPEX project at the Dilsen site over the last few months. Previously there was no connection between the sites production building and distribution building. 

The link building will create a seamless journey for the parts we produce in their production process and remove exposure to outside elements.

New Paintbooth Installation

Another vital development for the site was the installation of a new paint booth and kitchen which was installed to meet an increase in parts being painted on-site.

Solar Panels AND Green Energy

There has also been significant investment in solar energy at Blackwood’s Dilsen site. The new installation will allow the business to operate using renewable energy and provide cost-savings over a long term period.

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