2.5T Forklift Counterweight Case Study

grey iron forklift counterweight for an industry leading material handling equipment manufacturer.

Forklift Counterweight: Background

Blackwood Engineering has partnered with a leading European material handling company and has a long standing relationship as a strategic supplier of iron forklift counterweights for their machine builds.

Our team collaborated with the European supplier to provide a 2.5T Grey Iron counterweight for their latest range of forklifts.

Forklift Counterweight - All Views

Utilising Blackwood’s diverse supplier base in the Far East, the forklift counterweight was manufactured and finished to the customers exact criteria.

Forklift Counterweight - Rear

How we helped produce the forklift counterweight

Far East Sourcing

The counterweight was manufactured in China by one of Blackwood’s strategic partner foundries. The foundry was selected based on the customers manufacturing and finishing requirements.

Primer Finish

The finished product was primer painted at the customers request in Yellow before being shipped directly to their plant.

Project Management

The customer worked alongside our project engineering and commercial unit to ensure a seamless experience from enquiry through to sampling and production.

Tailored Logistics

We have a diverse range of logistics services available to customers. We worked closely with the customer to deliver directly to their sites across Europe from the Far East using our cost-effective shipping services.

Forklift Counterweight - Front

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