Case Study: 2.7T Forklift Counterweight

Blackwood provided a FLT counterweight for a European customer providing a variety of value adding services.


Blackwood recently worked alongside a European supplier of industrial equipment providing a counterweight for their latest forklift.

The Blackwood team worked closely with the European supplier to produce a complex weight which will be used across several machines.

The core product was a 2.7T Grey Iron Counterweight, however the organisation requested the pattern in several weights to use across its portfolio of FLTs.

how we delivered for this project

Foundry Management

The Grey Iron counterweight was a complex part to produce and required precision engineering utilising our partner foundry. Working alongside a foundry in the Far East we managed the production of this part for the customers.

Customised Finishing

The weight was gloss finished and underwent extensive paint testing and quality control to the customers required specification .

Bespoke Packaging

We worked alongside the customer to design and engineer bespoke stillages to ensure the safe packaging and delivery of the counterweight.

Direct Transportation

The customer utilised the flexibility we offer in terms of delivery. The counterweights were delivered to the customers directly from the Far East using a combination of sea freight and road.

Can Blackwood help with your organisations counterweight sourcing?

At Blackwood Engineering we offer customers a large range of value-adding services including sourcing, product engineering, customised finishing, quality assurance and SCM services.

We work alongside the machinery industries largest brands helping build the machines of tomorrow with bespoke precision engineered castings and counterweights.

Complete your details below to discover how we can help with your organisations counterweight requirements.

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