Global Sourcing: Things To Consider

Suppliers have been hit hard by supply chain disruption, increase in raw materials costs, shipping price increases and delays.

Using our expertise and experience we help heavy machinery organisations overcome the challenges that global sourcing brings utilising our international network of suppliers.

Our customers utilise global sourcing as a way of reducing costs and increasing your competitive advantage it can be a highly effective tool and one which your major competitors may already be utilising.

When considering utilising a new alternative source to secure your supply ensure your organisation undertakes its due diligence onboarding a new supplier.

Blackwood offers customers a truly global service providing precision engineered counterweights to customers worldwide.

We have put together some key points for customers looking to global source castings and counterweights to consider. Click the arrow below to expand:

Take time and effort to understand your chosen supplier’s organisation and the way that they do business. This is where a global outsourcing partner can really help. Their knowledge and experience of the country you propose to work in can be invaluable when setting up contracts.

Plan the process carefully and be upfront about how the relationship will work prior to putting anything in writing. Meet with your chosen supplier and together set out and agree clear and concise purchasing specs and parameters. This way, you both have mutually agreed expectations. A good global sourcing company will have many years of experience in this field.

Ensure that a thorough quality audit is carried out prior to commencing your working relationship or signing any contracts. You should also have a comprehensive quality agreement in place to ensure that standards are maintained. This will make it easier to resolve any quality issues should they arise.

Make sure that you are getting a good deal by obtaining several quotes from different suppliers. This way you can compare prices, service and quality.

This is particularly important if you are working with a company based in a country that you have never operated in before as you will need some sort of benchmark to work from.

Sort out the supply chain. Make sure you have factored in transport costs. The procedures and agreements that you apply to a supplier are equally applicable to any company that you use to deliver and store stock.

It may make financial sense to warehouse products in the UK which is a service often offered by a sourcing partner.

Again, make sure you compare the options so you can make the optimum choice. Keep a close eye on logistics throughout the process.

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