Engineered Castings and Iron Counterweights wherever you are in the World

The Blackwood Way is all about providing quality castings and iron counterweights to our customers worldwide. Blackwood stands out as a top-tier manufacturer specialising in iron and steel counterweights. Collaborating closely with heavy machinery OEMs, our project engineers precisely craft precision-engineered counterweights for a wide array of equipment, including excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, telehandlers, […]

Sourcing counterweights and castings with Blackwood Engineering

Blackwood Engineering prides itself on finding the best solution for your company. Providing the best counterweights and castings for your machinery. Define your requirements Clearly define your requirements for the counterweights. This includes specifications such as material type, dimensions, weight, and any specific features or tolerances. Choosing the right foundry Blackwood engineering will choose our […]

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