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Customised Finishing

Blackwood provides a wide range of finishing services tailored to your individual requirements.

Whether you require products in primer paint, full gloss or just an as-cast condition, we will customise the surface finish to your request whatever the scale.

We also provide full CNC machining and other plating options such as zinc. We also have the flexibility to offer a fast, effective processing turnaround to meet your short-term requirement changes.

We have invested in our gloss painting facility in the UK and Belgium to ensure we continue to meet the high finishing standards expected by our customers whilst offering a competitively priced service. This has also allowed us to increase our paint shop capacity and efficiency to meet the customer demand.

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Gloss Finishing

Gloss Painting

Our painting facility accommodates a wide range of product shape and size, from small castings weighing kilos up to the largest counterweight, currently 6,500 kg. All products are sprayed in our large, state of the art, spray booths. Plural mixing units are used to spray your specified paints, minimising waste and ensuring a high quality, consistent finish. The booths also have a bake function, enabling products to be cured to ensure a quicker turnaround and delivery. We have a full range of paint testing and inspection equipment so that we are sure we continue to adhere to your standards and specifications.


We understand that frequently your customers require bespoke finish requirements, whether it is a different colour to the normal standard, or an additional feature within the product. We are able to offer custom colours and configurations upon your request. In addition, for many of our customers, these bespoke colour requirements can only be confirmed at short notice. We have the flexibility and speed of response to meet such late call offs in the time you require


From basic manual machining through to full CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machining either in China or in the UK, we will select the most appropriate and cost-effective machining option for your product. Over the years we have managed projects with complex machining requirements such as chassis and key support casting components. Our experience in developing these products means we are always ready to discuss the next project you are working on.


For parts that are supplied in an as-cast condition, a protective oil coating is applied to the casting surface. This ensures products are delivered to your site ready for you to apply the finish required. Particular protective care is taken with machined areas, to ensure these remain rust free during transit. Parts are packed in the appropriate packaging to ensure products are delivered free from damage. For boxed components, VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) paper may be used for long term storage and protection from corrosion. For bulkier products, custom built returnable stillages are made to deliver products to you in a manner and orientation that you are easy for you to handle and assemble to your machine.

Customised Finishing

Surface Preparation

The finishing process begins in our preparation shop, where castings are transferred into the appropriate processing packaging. Parts are then hand sanded to key the surface for painting, with every care being taken to ensure the surfaces are smooth and ready to be glossed

Zinc Plating

Zinc Plating

We offer a full range of zinc plating options, tailored to your finish requirement.

Zinc Plating is a cost-effective way to provide excellent corrosion resistance in most atmospheres. It can act as a temporary surface for final finishing or indeed be the final finish itself thanks to the durable nature of the protection in retaining its original appearance.

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