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The Blackwood Way

Putting you first, wherever you are in the world

The Blackwood Way is what sets us apart as a supplier. The Blackwood Way is all about providing quality castings and engineered products to our customers worldwide.

Blackwood Engineering has been utilising counterweight and casting sourcing from overseas for over 15 years. We work closely with a network of strategic partner foundries in India and China and have developed an excellent relationship with them, which helps us to avoid many of the pitfalls that many organisations experience.

Our close working relationship ensures constant and excellent communication channels with our foundries, who we liaise with daily. We also have our own specialised engineers who work directly at our partner foundries. We believe this to be a critical component of our expertise in providing the best possible service to meet your counterweight and casting sourcing needs.

We realise that your requirements can change quickly so this close relationship also allows us to be flexible in our production scheduling with the foundry, enabling us to alter our orders quickly

Why Blackwood?

  • We work alongside a network of foundries across India and China
  • Joint venture with Hebei FAMED Blackwood Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd
  • Partnered with foundries in India since 2015 and recently created trading company Blackwood India
  • We work alongside skilled Chinese and Indian project managers who help ensure projects are delivered to meet customers demands
  • Regularly audited by our quality and procurement team
  • Provide quality assurance guaranteed with ISO accreditations in place
  • Measured using our vendor scorecard
  • Fully managed by our supplier and NPI personnel
  • We work with a diverse range of foundries to best suit your design, budget and timescale requirements


  • Diverse range of casting processes
  • Foundries adhering to ISO standard
  • A selection of processes which can be tailored to suit your product
  • Processes include lost wax, vacuum sealed process, resin sand moulding, high pressure green sand moulding and both automatic/semi-automatic moulding lines
  • Patterns CNC machined to your CAD model for greater dimensional accuracy (available single or multiple impressions, usually from wood or aluminium)

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