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Supply Chain Management

In addition to offering high-quality cost-effective castings and counterweights, Blackwood Engineering recognises the importance of providing our customer base with an excellent level of service in the area of supply chain management through the following areas:

Our team navigate complex global supply chains and focus on providing you with the logistical package that is best suited to your businesses requirements. We can also offer direct containers to any global location.

We offer a wide range of SCM options including warehousing, storage, gloss paintings and sub-assembly options at our UK premises in South Wales, and at our mainland Europe hub in Belgium.

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We carefully plan and schedule shipments designed to fit your organisations schedule. Using our internal systems and liaising with the shipping lines, we track and monitor the containers daily. When required, we will keep you updated on the progress of your goods.

We currently ship on a weekly basis into the UK and across Europe. Due to the volume of containers shipped, our customer base benefit from the competitive rates we can negotiate. Our secure storage and distribution facilities in the UK and Belgium allows to deliver directly into the heart of the UK and Europe. We also offer you direct container options, either full or part container loads to wherever your destination may be.


We recognise that continuity of supply and on time delivery is crucial, so we plan our deliveries to you to ensure you receive the right parts at the right time (JIT). Our door-to-door service management provides a cost-effective distribution supply for you.

We understand the cost of lost time and difficulties caused from receiving goods in unwanted and unmanageable packaging configurations.

We therefore deliver parts to you, when you require them, in custom made packaging to fit with your line side assembly requirements.

Material Handling

With a diverse range of parts weighing from less than 1 Kg to over 6000 Kg and coming in numerous shapes and sizes, material handling is an essential core competency of our business.

At our sites in the UK and Belgium, we can offer container off-loading, storage, re-packaging and delivery to our customers in the preferred packaging configuration, taking away many of the challenges that some of our customers would encounter with direct containers.

With those of our customers who are set up for direct containers, our engineers will work closely with the customer and the factory in China to ensure that material handling is made both as easy and as safe as possible at your facility.


Parts are delivered in bespoke stillages that are designed for both processing and transportation, whilst optimising the weight utilisation of the delivery loads to optimise logistics costs. Stillages are also returnable so there is a constant circulation between our site and your production facility.

We have on-site fabrication capabilities to make stillages in house, ensuring they are made to your exact requirement. We understand that space on your production lines is at a premium so we make stillages that are just suited to the product being supplied.

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